Change is the Only Constant

We are here to talk about the beginning of an evolution. An evolution of work culture driven by a sense of comfort and efficiency. In the midst of chaos and distractions, we have created a bubble of peace; we call it Genesis. It is time to feel at home, at work.

Genesis is a gateway to the elements of productivity. It is the convergence of privacy, focus and collaboration. Intimate yet open, this space respects individuality while strengthening team work. The Genesis design approach is one of duality, a demonstration of harmony between key standards – body and space, straightforward and inconspicuous, relentless yet delicate, cozy yet open.

We’ve chosen the materials used to make Genesis with extraordinary consideration. Subsequently, the peaceful structure reflects both the effortlessness and power contained within our idea.


Our choice of materials reflects our commitment to the dual principles of Genesis. The enclosing walls consist of a multi layer acoustic panel which consists of natural material such as perforated wood and polyester aids in reduction of noise


Genesis is a response to the essential need of acoustic solace. Layers of strong wood and acoustic materials, make for great soundproofing between the inside and outside spaces.


Every Genesis unit comes completely fitted with everything expected to perform at optimal levels. Electrical attachments, USB and LAN associations and an LED light are standard over the whole product offering.


The Genesis design is one with a purpose to fix the most common problem in open plan offices – noise. To engage and evolve, to do less and accomplish more.

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